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Filtration and impurity removal method of refined oil equipment

July 16, 2021

What are the filtration and impurity removal methods of refining oil equipment? Generally speaking, oil crops need to be refined before they can be eaten. The crude oil enters the refining equipment through the oil pipeline for impurity removal, degumming, decoloration and deodorization, and then qualified refined oil can be obtained. Impurity removal belongs to the preliminary stage of refined oil process. At present, the impurity removal method in the industry is relatively mature, and filtration method is commonly used for impurity removal. There are three filtration methods: gravity sedimentation, centrifugal force filtration, plate frame or belt filtration. The following is a detailed introduction to these three methods:

1. Gravity settlement. Under the action of physical gravity, suspended impurities are precipitated by standing. This method is relatively simple, but time-consuming and inefficient.

2. Centrifugal filtration. In other words, the centrifugal force under the high-speed rotation of the centrifuge can separate the suspended impurities, gum and oil. This method has the advantages of short time, good effect, but relatively high cost.

3. Plate frame or belt extrusion filtration method. In other words, impurities in oil can be separated by plate frame or belt filter press with filter cloth under the action of extrusion pressure. This method is easy to operate, time-consuming and effective, which is commonly used by most refining equipment manufacturers.